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of Men

Frank Keegan, a World War II veteran, recalls his experiences as a prisoner of war in the Japanese camps on the Malay Peninsula. Accompanied by Mark Fletcher's haunting piano composition, Frank reminds us that acts of kindness can prevail in a brutal war.


November Release for Double Album


A double CD, The Measure of Men, will be released for Remembrance Day. Please add your name to the mailing list to receive a pre-order discount.

Thank you.

Podcast Series

August 1st

Part 1: An Act of  Bravery

Frank undergoes initial training and sets sail for Singapore.

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August 15th

Part 2: An Act of  Surrender

Frank assists the civilian evacuation of the Malay Peninsula.

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August 29th

Part 3: An Act of  Kindness

Frank adjusts to life as a prisoner of war, constructing the Death Railway.

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September 12th

Part 4: An Act of  Tolerance

Frank is liberated from the Japanese camps and returns home.

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